Press - Again

Touching and compelling
— Top10films
Excellently thought out
— Corriente Latina
Emotional yet subtle
— The London Tree
Handled expertly
— Vulture Hound

Since Again premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, it's received some "fire" reviews, that I'm sure you'll agree are "lit".

I couldn't be prouder of this short. It was literally made by a group of friends and funded by their friends and family. Nearly all of the other shorts in our small section were funded by film councils from entire countries, which means this small group of friends went up against entire countries.

Out of over 4,000 films submitted, only 57 were chosen to screen at Tribeca. An even smaller number (20) was chosen for competition. So we were among the 0.5% in the mix.

I'm honored, I'm floored, I'm "wilding out" over this and all the kind things various blogs and website are saying about our short.

Thanks Tribeca, for honoring us with your selection and for being such gracious hosts! I have to particularly thank the young gentleman named Ben, who was our talk back moderator, who made me blush many times by carrying on about film, including a lengthy praise of the acting.

Stop it (keep going).