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New Content - 'Kick Back' photos and music video by Mustard Pimp (Dim Mak Records)

Mustard Pimp brings us a niche banger with their neo-gabber song 'Kick Back', and for their music video Behn Fannin resurrected the 90's in this love story between Erica McIntire and me. Lucky for us, Caroline Macey stopped by the set and snapped some shots.

Check out what VICE magazine has to say about it.

I won’t even try to explain all the weird things going on in this video.
— David Garber, VICE

New Content - Outspoken Atheist Athlete Sketch

Ever wonder what it'd be like if an athlete was an atheist and as outspoken about it as some of the prominent sports figures today?  Well, wonder no more.  Kunal Dudheker produced and edited this fun little video, Dana May Jamison directed, and Behn Fannin was the microphone collaborator.  I had the pleasure of writing and acting in it.  If you enjoy it, please give it a funny rating and share, thanks!