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Upcoming Shows - 12/7 & 12/10 - Green Room Improv & TNT

I'll be performing with Tupac Liqueur twice this week.

  • 12/7 - 11:00 pm - Green Room Improv, 1727 N. Vermont Ave. #208 L.A., CA
  • 12/10 - 8:00 pm - TNT, 1107 A N. El Centro Ave., L.A., CA

Dave Theune (our coach) has said of a practice, "That was good."

Mike Leffingwell (our other coach) has said of a practice, "You guys are funny."

Liam (our friend) has said of a show, "That was f*cking great."

Ryan (our friend) has said of a show, "That was a tight fist." (...thanks?)

Upcoming Shows - UCB 401 & Room 101

I'll be performing improvisational scenes within long form structures with my 401 class in our first showcase this coming Sunday at UCB, and with my team Tupac Liqueur next Wednesday night at Room 101 at The Clubhouse venue.

  • 7/14 3:00 pm - 5919 Franklin Ave. - UCB 401 Showcase 
  • 7/17 8:00 pm - 1170 N. El Centro Ave. - Tupac Liqueur at Room 101 

Come check it out if you're free, ya' nut!

To get an idea of what you're in for, check out the recent article in the LA Weekly about the indie improv scene at The Clubhouse

Upcoming Show - LA Indie Improv Fest

My improv team Tupac Liqueur is performing at The Clubhouse during the LA Indie Improv Fest.

  • 5/25 - Saturday - 1:20 pm : Tupac Liqueur in the LA Indie Improv Fest at the Clubhouse - 1107 N. El Centro Ave., LA, CA

ake a look at the LA Indie Improv Fest's page to get a gander at all the amazing talent this thing is bringing in one area - .

here will be food trucks.

ere's the FB event for Tupac Liqueur's performance -

ope to see you there.

Upcoming Show - part of 'Tower Defense' at Sketchbar at the Clubhouse

This Sunday at 6 pm I'll be performing one of the monologues from my one man Spank show that's coming up at UCB.

  • 4/7 - Sunday - 6 pm : A monologue from 'Tower Defense' (a Spank show premiering at UCB) at Sketchbar at The Clubhouse - 1107 N. El Centro Ave., LA, CA

Come on out and get a preview of the silliness to come.

Upcoming Shows - Improv at The Clubhouse & UCB


I'll be performing in two improv shows this week.  One is with my indie team Tupac Liqueur at the Manifesto Show with a stellar lineup including group game specialists Typhoon and UCB Harold team The Ruckus.  The other is a 301 class show at UCB, and my class is stacked with solid improvisers, some of whom perform regularly around town in indie shows and at iOWest.

  • 3/8 - Friday - 8 pm : The Manifesto Show at The Clubhouse - 1107 A N. El Centro, LA, CA
  • 3/10 - Sunday - 12 pm : UCB 301 class show at UCB - 5919 Franklin Ave., LA, CA

Come on out and see me throw down on some silliness.