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What's Up - Beardshots pt. II : His Majesty Cometh

Pop quiz.

Who are these guys?

Photo one is a -

  • A. microbrew lover
  • B. off season pitcher
  • C. Comic-Con tourist
  • D. all of the above

Photo two is a -

  • A. charming assassin
  • B. hedge fund strategist
  • C. medieval time traveler
  • D. all of the above

Each question is worth two points, and this quiz will be worth 100% of your grade. Anyone talking or looking at someone else's paper during the quiz gets their quiz taken away and gets zero points. When you're done you can quietly read, draw, or do homework from other classes.

Good luck!

(photos by Morgan Demeter)

What's Up - Beardshots

Headshots are usually an actor's first introduction to possible work.

I've taken quite a few over the years and have looked analytically at just as many.

I just took new ones to commemorate the successful conquest of my face by a majestic beard.

Here are the looks (and accompanying inner monologue) I went with this year -

I have a secret

I have to fart

My secret is I have to fart

Now it's not a secret anymore

That's funny, so I'll laugh, because laughing makes you have a natural smile

I'm overthinking this, and now judging myself (aka eyes half open, sneering mouth, very unsightly)

Let's get back on track - I am worth millions of dollars

You are my competition and I will crush you

That was so arrogant I'm sorry

Who are you talking to? They can't hear your thoughts

Unless I write them on my blog. Should I write them on my blog?

What's happening? Oh right, headshots

That was funny, right? That I got off track? I'll laugh again, quite naturally this time

Who am I?

You're supposed to know that before coming in here!

Ooh, that's good - existential crisis

No...maybe I'll turn my face slightly to the left

Nailed it

No really that felt really good

Congrats everyone that's a wrap

I'm trying to really lean into my inner monologues. Like a well crafted story, you can see that my thoughts come full circle (spiral?). On this journey the signposts are fake/real laughing and the destination is Natural Looksville. Population : Everyone else but me.

I took them with the gentlemanliest of gentlemen - Morgan Demeter.

Here's his website -


For now enjoy this picture by makeup artist Bridget Clarke.

This conceptual beard is pretty close to the real thing. Imagine this, but bigger. And without the dirt on my face (this was for a post-apocalyptic web series that all actors are required to create).