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What's Up - Beardshots pt. II : His Majesty Cometh

Pop quiz.

Who are these guys?

Photo one is a -

  • A. microbrew lover
  • B. off season pitcher
  • C. Comic-Con tourist
  • D. all of the above

Photo two is a -

  • A. charming assassin
  • B. hedge fund strategist
  • C. medieval time traveler
  • D. all of the above

Each question is worth two points, and this quiz will be worth 100% of your grade. Anyone talking or looking at someone else's paper during the quiz gets their quiz taken away and gets zero points. When you're done you can quietly read, draw, or do homework from other classes.

Good luck!

(photos by Morgan Demeter)

What's Up - iO West Sketch Team

                                    Come see a show!

                                    Come see a show!

I have sworn fealty to the comedy kingdom of iO West.

I'm very excited to be performing on a sketch team once a month at the Del Close Theater.

Our shows are every second Sunday at 7:30 pm.

I am resisting the urge to say something terribly funny here because I'm saving it for the shows.


Happy Summer

Recorded a lot of the buzzwords floating around my office lately -

Cheers, Austin, Boston Harbor,

kayaks, cuddles, records,

Sherlock, the shag, hikes,

Cherryh, IJPC,

Magic Bronson, b,

Dragon's Crossing, Disneyland,

HOD, agencies.

By office I mean apartment, and by buzzwords I mean thoughts.

What's up - Improv Practice

Currently I'm practicing 2-3 times a week with an improv practice group.  Our coaches are great improvisers currently performing at UCB - Cissy Fenwick, Jacob Reed, and Richie Root.  The group is starting to gel, and I can foresee in a couple of months we'll be ready to do some awkward shows around town at some of the open improv joints.

Performing for my 201 showcase at UCB.

Performing for my 201 showcase at UCB.