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What's Up - 'Tea Too Many' Podcast, hosted by Andrew Goldmeier

Wanna kick it back and drink some tea with my buddy Andrew and me?

Then listen to this podcast, wherein Andrew interviews me and we discuss a whole slew of topics. I reveal all sorts of sordid details about my life.

I give shout outs to UCB, iO West, A Noise Within, Buy Me Brunch, Boston Harbor Marina, Tufts University, Owen Robinson, and panic attacks!

Upcoming Show - Redlight this Sunday 7:30 pm at iO West

I'd like to acknowledge Hot Lunch - the sketch team that plays in the same hour as Redlight.

Their shows are consistently good. Their performers go for it, their sketches come out strong and don't stop, and they're genuinely pleasant to work with. I feel lucky to perform in the same hour.

  • 3/8/15 - 7:30 pm - DCT at iO West - 6366 Hollywood Blvd., L.A., CA

Come check us out if you have a chance. It's free and fun.

What's Up - iO West Sketch Team

                                    Come see a show!

                                    Come see a show!

I have sworn fealty to the comedy kingdom of iO West.

I'm very excited to be performing on a sketch team once a month at the Del Close Theater.

Our shows are every second Sunday at 7:30 pm.

I am resisting the urge to say something terribly funny here because I'm saving it for the shows.


Upcoming Shows - Tupac Liqueur x2 this week

I'll be performing with my improv team Tupac Liqueur twice this week.  Check us out!

  • 9/24   9:00 pm  -  The Improv Space - 954 Gayley Ave, LA, CA 90024

We need an audience to give us a suggestion to make up a show right then and there.

Fun, right? 

So come on down!