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Upcoming Shows - Butcher Holler


‘A descent into the male psyche-in-crisis. A linguistic immersive experience entirely lit by headlamps.’

Come join me in the darkness as me and four other dudes sling out Appalachian slang as we spiral into madness.

I’m jumping into the fun for three of the seven performances - 6/14, 6/15, and 6/18

Get yet tix here -

See you in the cold dark ground.

Press - The Cake (Barrington Stage)

The Cake is traveling, and my voice travels with it to certain productions.

Here's a favorable review (meaning they mention me!) from Berkshire Edge about my voice in the Barrington Stage Co.'s production of this delicious thing -


My favorite part is when they describe me as 'already well known'.

If you're checking out this page, you probably already know me, so I guess that's true?

What's Up - Carditions

The best auditions happen in the car ride home after the actual audition.*

Now you can get a dashboard glimpse of this important part of an actor's process. Or something like that.

Here are two recent auditions - one for theatre, and one for online content.

The first is for Pasadena Playhouse's Open Call. I was shooting for the role of Captain O'Hurley in their upcoming production of Fly, in association with Crossroads Theatre Company. The monologue is taken from The Flick by Annie Baker.

The second is for a video by Freddie Wong's company RocketJump. He's a wizard of online content and if you're not familiar with him, check him out!

* According to Hank Azaria.

What's Up - PPF at South Coast Rep

I went to this - Pacific Playwrights Festival at South Coast Rep.

All of this is made possible to me through the hard work and good graces of my wonderful girlfriend Bekah, who has a play being read at the festival.

It's about heaven and is called 'Going to A Place Where You Already Are'. The audience laughed heartily and softly cried about dying and the afterlife, which - for such a touchy subject - doesn't seem like an easy thing to do. It asks a big question, all while wrapped in a big blanket of optimism, and is peppered with sneak attacks of humor.

Another favorite was 'Vietgone', by Qui Nyugen. This is a hilarious love story told with a modern voice about refugees in the US after the Vietnam war. It turns Americans into stock stereotypes, has a Mortal Kombat slow motion fight, and uses hip hop verses for cathartic moments.

Plays can be so good, and they're where I started out, so all this has made me want to jump back in.

On that note - coming up soon I'll be performing in an FPLA staged reading on May 19th.