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Upcoming Shows - Improv at The Clubhouse & UCB


I'll be performing in two improv shows this week.  One is with my indie team Tupac Liqueur at the Manifesto Show with a stellar lineup including group game specialists Typhoon and UCB Harold team The Ruckus.  The other is a 301 class show at UCB, and my class is stacked with solid improvisers, some of whom perform regularly around town in indie shows and at iOWest.

  • 3/8 - Friday - 8 pm : The Manifesto Show at The Clubhouse - 1107 A N. El Centro, LA, CA
  • 3/10 - Sunday - 12 pm : UCB 301 class show at UCB - 5919 Franklin Ave., LA, CA

Come on out and see me throw down on some silliness.